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Canada, 15 Zéphirin-Doucet, Grandes-Piles, Mauricie
    • Vue du St-Mauritz de la rivière

      Vue du St-Mauritz de la rivière

    • Vue du St-Mauritz de la rivière #3

      Vue du St-Mauritz de la rivière #3

    • Vue du St-Mauritz de la rivière #1

      Vue du St-Mauritz de la rivière #1

    • Garages mis à la disposition des locataires avec terrasse sur le toît

      Garages mis à la disposition des locataires avec terrasse sur le toît

    • Salle à manger vue de la mezzanine

      Salle à manger vue de la mezzanine

    • Vue de la Mezzanine

      Vue de la Mezzanine

    • Kitchen


    • Kitchen - 2

      Kitchen - 2

    • Vue du salon

      Vue du salon

    • Kitchen - 3

      Kitchen - 3

    • Salon - Rez-de-chaussé

      Salon - Rez-de-chaussé

    • Rez de Chaussé

      Rez de Chaussé

    • Salle familiale - 2

      Salle familiale - 2

    • Grande salle familiale du Rez-de-Jardin

      Grande salle familiale du Rez-de-Jardin

    • Salon - Rez-de-Jardin

      Salon - Rez-de-Jardin

    • Table de billard - Rez de Jardin

      Table de billard - Rez de Jardin

    • Billard au Rez de Jardin

      Billard au Rez de Jardin

    • Lits à la mezzanine

      Lits à la mezzanine

    • Coin détente - mezzanine

      Coin détente - mezzanine

    • Mezzanine


    • Chambre #2

      Chambre #2

    • Chambre des Maîtres

      Chambre des Maîtres

    • Chambre #4 Rez-de-jardin

      Chambre #4 Rez-de-jardin

    • Chambre #5

      Chambre #5

    • Salle de bain - Chambre des Maîtres

      Salle de bain - Chambre des Maîtres

    • Chambre #1 lit queen

      Chambre #1 lit queen

    • Salle de bain au rez-de-jardin

      Salle de bain au rez-de-jardin

    • Le SPA

      Le SPA

    • Le SPA avec vue sur la rivière

      Le SPA avec vue sur la rivière

    • Terrasse


    • Vue de la Terrasse

      Vue de la Terrasse

    • Balcon - Rez de Jardin

      Balcon - Rez de Jardin

    • Accès au quai

      Accès au quai

    • Les amateurs de kayak ou les futurs initiés seront comblés

      Les amateurs de kayak ou les futurs initiés seront comblés

    • Site enchanteur pour les sports aquatiques

      Site enchanteur pour les sports aquatiques

    • Spendide coucher de soleil

      Spendide coucher de soleil

    • River


    • River - 2

      River - 2

    • Quai privé St-Mauritz

      Quai privé St-Mauritz

    • La nature à son meilleur au St-Mauritz

      La nature à son meilleur au St-Mauritz

    • Escaliers menant

      Escaliers menant


    • 16 person maximum
    • 2 king size beds, 2 queen size beds, 7 single beds, 1 sofa bed
    • 6 bedrooms
    • Building dimensions: 45 X 50
    • 3 bathrooms
    • Property dimensions: 62 000 sq feet


    The St-Mauritz is a sublime cottage, whose name says everything about it: quality, comfort and luxury by the breath-taking St-Maurice River.

    This awe-inspiring cottage, air-conditionned, is assured to host marvelous memories for you, your family or your friends. Its 62 000 square feet land offers 180 feet directly on the river.

    Let the kitchen charm you with it's large open space and its comfort. This section features large windows to never lose sight of the beautiful view, one huge counter in granite, and of course a roomy pantry with its own refrigerator.

    The mezzanine offers you an original dormitory, with three cozy beds, as well as a direct access to a large balcony. This one balcony is merely one of many, with three whole balconies that offers a large lodging area for you and your guests, with every one of them offering a view on the river, to relax and take in the sight.

    The ground floor will charm you just as well, with spacious rooms and the all-important view on the river. There, you can find a pool table, a poker table, a flat screen, three bedrooms as well as a bathroom.

    This slice of paradise can be found in the small community of Grandes-Piles, within stone throw of St-Tite and its renowned western festival. The neighbouring city of Shawinigan features every services you could need (grocery, pharmacy, medical center, hardware, etc) all within a 15 minutes' drive.

    The St-Mauritz is located at roughly two hours from Montreal, and one and a half hour from Quebec City.

    A private dock gives you direct access to the river where you can benefit from our pedalo and kayak.   The area is rich with opportunities to get out and enjoy the beautiful wilderness of the region. Every seasons offers you different activities to enjoy: nautical sports based around the private dock, swimming, hiking, ATV, snowmobiles, hunting, fishing, ski, golf, skating, etc.

    Nature-lovers will be thrilled by the proximity of the Mauricie's very own National Parc, within only 23 kilometers from the cottage.

    How about finishing your day in our SPA facing sunset every night!

    Consult the activity section to know more about all the possibilities.

    Parking includes 2 indoor garages.

    A most tempting prospect: a wonderful region is open for discovery, with a dreamy cottage to welcome you back from a fulfilling day exploring all the opportunities of the region.

    Near this cottage

    • Body of water: Le St-Mauritz est situé sur les berges de la Rivière St-Maurice
    • Golf course: Club de golf de Grand'Mère et Club de Golf Ste-Flore
    • Ski Hill: Station de Ski Vallée Du Parc


    Vallée du Parc

    The cottage is 20 kilometers away from the Vallée du Parc ski station, which features 20 slopes, three tubing slopes, one alpine sled slope and two snowshoe tracks.

    Mauricie's wonderful National Park

    Located 23 kilometers away from the cottage, the park offers the following activities during winter:

    Cross-country skiing

    Grab your skis and discover a whole 80 kilometers of protected natural environment. The park features a marked and traced network to practice cross-country skiing, whether your classical or freestyle.

    Every 5 kilometers, you can find a heated rest area.

    Snowshoes tracks

    The national park offers you eight marked tracks to hike with snowshoes on. Whether you're a beginner, amateur or expert, you are certain to find a track to your liking in the midst of nature.

    Bicycles with oversized wheels, or « fat bike »

    The park is a must-see area for any amateurs of fat bikes. Ride through the suggested paths in a dreamy winter wonderland with a rented fat bike.

    Available paths

    You can hike in many locations:

    • In all the loops of the Rivière-de-la-Pêche camping spot;
    • On the tracks number 1 and 11 (10 km);
    • On the Promenade road between the welcome center of Saint-Jean-des-Piles and the Rivière-de-la-Pêche service pavilion (6 km).

    Exceptionally, this activity is free in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Canadian confederation.

    Fatbike renting

    Want to give it a shot? Rent your equipment in the Café-Vélo Halt of the Rivière-de-la-Pêche service pavilion.

    « Graphineige », or Snowtracing

    Expert snowshoers, face the Snowtracing challenge by drawing a transient work of art on a frozen lake. Equiped with a compass, a rope or any other tools you might require (if any), head over to the Solitaire lake or the Horse lake. There, use your snowshoes to trace a freestyle drawing or a pre-chosen one, whether by walking or running. Cross breath-taking paths to reach beautiful winter belvedere. From there, gaze at your artwork and take pictures to share!

    The Parc-Nordique's Challenges

    From the 15th to the 18th of February 2017

    Organized by Cyclo-Mauricie, the Parc-Nordique's Challenges of the Mauricie National Park are friendly competitions where cross-country skiing and snowshoes are in the spotlight. This event, taking place over four days, features many timed activities with classical or freestyle cross-country skiing, snowshoes or simple running.

    Lost Forest's Domains

    Merely 30 minutes away from the St-Mauritz, you can reach a beautiful pine-tree forest with skating tracks that are open day and night. An absolute must-do activity when in the vicinity. Well covered from the biting winter wind, you can skate on flat ice with pine trees in the background, offering a fairy sight to behold. What's more, there is wildlife to feed, maybe even pet them for a magical moment. Why not improve the experience with a core-warming hot cocoa to refuel before returning for more skating? By the end of the day, you are sure to have pinked cheeks and freshened lungs.


    The Mauricie region is renowned for its countless marked paths for snowmobiles. The St-Mauritz is at the center of this large network of marked paths, with a direct access to the marked road directly on the St-Maurice river. It is possible to rent snowmobiles, delivered to the cottage itself, from Maximum Locations.


    Forty-five minutes away from the St-Mauritz, go ice fishing at Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, with ice shacks and poulamon fishing.

    FESTI-VOLANT from January 27th to 29th 2017

    Soaring above the Saint-Maurice, majestic kites, liven this year again, the sky over Grandes Piles

    Family-friendly winter activities in an enchanting outdoors setting. The frozen river becomes the perfect playground for winter activities.

    Multiple activities began Friday night and goes until Sunday afternoon. These will keep you busy all weekend. The numerous colorful kites of all sizes that line the sky, fans of cross-country ski sliding across the river and the paramotorists taking off. Welcome to the Nordic village, animation, gigantic “tube” slides and more!



    Nautical sports

    With a direct access to the St-Maurice River, you will have access to one of the most beautiful rivers in Quebec. The river can be navigate on almost 100km and is a real playground for nautical ski, sailing, jetskis, canoe, kayak, paddleboard, fishing, etc.

    Furthermore, you will have access to beautiful beaches minutes away from the St-Mauritz, or you can go for a swim in front of the cottage, by our private dock.

    You can rent all sorts of boats at Maximum Locations.

    The Mauricie National Park

    Mountain biking

    You are looking for intense feelings or a simple ride in the forest? Go to the Rivière à la Pêche area to escape on the Park's mountain bike trails. A 55 km network with rest stops awaits you in the heart of the forest. Anxious to try it? Rent a bike at the Service Centre.

     Road cycle

    For a run through the wilderness or for high-level training, the Parkway awaits you. On your journey, you'll be dazzled by the many viewing sites and striking panoramas of the landscape. This winding road, punctuated by ascents and descents, is 63 km in length. So, feel free to stop at one of our well-equipped picnic areas to re-energize yourself or to simply freshen up in the lake water.

    You will also be able to participate in the challenge of the Parc de la Mauricie de Shawinigan at the end of September.


    Whether you choose a walk of less than an hour or a full day's hike, you'll be captivated by the beauty of the Laurentian landscape. While moving through the natural setting of this protected area, you'll take in some breathtaking viewpoints, approach lakes and ponds of singular beauty, and come in contact with flora and fauna in tune with the rhythm of the seasons.

    Picnicking and Swimming

    Enjoy a picnic or a splash in the water with friends or family in unique, exceptional locations. Numerous rest stops and picnic areas are accessible from the Parkway, most of which offer charming lake views or serve as starting points for hikes.

    A great show - DRAGAO

    Cité de l'énergie presents this brand-new show in a revolving outdoor amphitheater, heated and canopied, where the whole family will be flabbergasted. Come live the adventure from July 4th to August 19th, 2017 (Tuesday to Saturday) at nightfall, rain or shine.

    The Story

    The story goes that a mountain started to roar in the northen part of the continent as a dragon has just been born. A threat is rumbling in the cave and the dragon collects a treasure on which he will lay his eggs. If nothing is done, there will soon be hundreds of them.

    In the Book of Prophecies, it is written that a young wizard of the elements would destroy the curse and restore peace.

     The Cité de l'Énergie

    A mere 20 km away from the St-Mauritz, the Cité de l'Énergie has much to offer:

    A complete visit includes the sciences center, the historic sector INCLUDING the exposition Museum of the Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, the Canada in the world.

    You will be able to have a guided tour of the city of Shawinigan, take a cruise on the St-Maurice and climb the unique observatory.


    It is possible to go for a round of Golf on courses nearby the St-Mauritz :

    Golf de Grand-Mère

    Golf de Ste-Flore

    Golf le Mémorial

    Golf St-Rémi

    Furthermore, it is possible to go to Trois-Rivières (30 minutes away) to discover the following golf courses:

    Golf Ki-8-Eb

    Golf le Marthelinois

    Golf du Moulin

    Golf les Vieilles Forges

    Golf le Métabéroutin

    Grand Events in the Mauricie

    Mauricie International Canoe Classic

    You will be able to cheer the racer, well seated on our private dock, as the track passes directly in front of the St-Mauritz

    Le Festival Western de St-Tite

    The St-Mauritz is only a few minutes away from St-Tite and its festival that happens in September

    Grand Prix of Trois-Rivières

    At only 30 minutes of Trois-Rivières, the St-Mauritz is well placed to receive supporters of race car.


  • Upon receiving a request for reservation, we will provide you with a rental agreement which will need to be signed for the reservation to be effective.

    Taxes (tps - 5% et tvq - 9,975%) together with lodging taxe (3,5%) are not included in our prices.

    A deposit of 40% of the total amount for a rental will be requested at the time of reservation.

    Full payment will be expected 30 days before arrival.

    Cancellation policy is outlined in the rental agreement. For a cancellation more than 30 days before arrival, only the deposit will be charged whereas for a cancellation within 30 days of arrival, the entire amount will be charged.

    The St-Mauritz is non-smoking and pets are not allowed.

    Note: Rates for statutory holidays are available on request only.


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Grandes-Piles, Mauricie

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