Le havre de paix sur la riviere
46.1109546, -73.8725288
Canada, Chertsey, Lanaudière - The Mountains
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Le havre de paix sur la riviere

3 person maximum, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom.


Dream studio-style chalet at the edge of a beautiful river criss-crossing the city of Chertsey. Nature lovers and active couple will enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings, a true paradise. It is common to have seasonal visits of small animals such as: deers, geese, ducks, fish and many more ...

This chalet has a fully equipped kitchen with a pellet fireplace! A spacious living room overseeing nature also has a gaz fireplace to warm your heart... We wish you a moment of pure relaxation.

Located within 50 minutes of Montreal.

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1 bedroom

  • 1 queen size bed
  • 1 sofa bed


Last updated: December 1, 2022

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Activities and events in the area

Near this cottage

  • Body of water: Chutes Darwin (24 km)
  • Golf course: Club de golf Rawdon (23 km)
  • Ski Hill: Ski Moncalm (13 km)

The source Rawdon Spa (20 km from the cottage)

Imagine an immense feeling of wellbeing, of fulfilment ... Relaxation that stimulates cardiac function, and promotes blood circulation, the elimination of toxins and skin cleansing.

The Nordic baths are all this and more!  They provide a much-needed break, and a rest that's beneficial for the body and spirit.

Parc Régional de la forêt Ouareau  (11 km from the cottage)

Covering a little over 150 square km, the Parc Regional de la forêt Ouareau offers a vast area for nature lovers. You can access from the following sectors: Massif, Grand Jetée, Grande Vallée,  Pont suspendu and Contreforts. The park has a mountain incorporating a multifunctional network of trails (walking, cycling, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing) 120km. A beautiful river criss crosses the hicking paths. Many wild lakes and a recognized climbing wall and managed by the Quebec Federation of mountain climbing.


You can access a number of activities, such as dogsledding courses, skijoring and hiking ...

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Accepted payment methods: Interac e-transfer

Rental type: Short stay

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Le havre de paix sur la riviere

Chertsey, Lanaudière - The Mountains

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