10 rustic cottages Sapiniere Lake
46.0284854, -74.20080940000003
Canada, 1175 de la Sapinière, Val-David, Laurentians - Heart of the Laurentians J0T2N0
    • Under the fall leaves

      Under the fall leaves

    • Our chalets are just next to the Linear Park (P'tit Train du nord)

      Our chalets are just next to the Linear Park (P'tit Train du nord)

    • Our duplex chalet that is on the lakefront

      Our duplex chalet that is on the lakefront

    • Cozy stone fireplace in each chalet

      Cozy stone fireplace in each chalet

    • Cuisine Zermatt

      Cuisine Zermatt

    • Salon Zermatt

      Salon Zermatt

    • Chambre Genève

      Chambre Genève

    • Salon Genève

      Salon Genève

    • Salon Genève

      Salon Genève

    • Chambre Genève

      Chambre Genève

    • Mezzanine Genève

      Mezzanine Genève

    • Mezzanine Zurich

      Mezzanine Zurich

    • Salon Zurich

      Salon Zurich

    • Salon Zurich

      Salon Zurich

    • Cuisine Zurich

      Cuisine Zurich

    • Salon Zurich

      Salon Zurich

    • Mezzanine Montreux

      Mezzanine Montreux

    • Chambre Zurich

      Chambre Zurich

    • Salon Zermatt

      Salon Zermatt

    • Montreux


    • Montreux


    • Montreux


    • Montreux


    • Salon Davos

      Salon Davos

    • CàC Davos

      CàC Davos

    • Salon Davos

      Salon Davos

    • St-Moritz Mezzanine

      St-Moritz Mezzanine

    • Davos


    • St-Moritz


    • St-Moritz


    • St-Moritz


    • St-Moritz


    • St-Moritz


    • St-Moritz


    • St-Moritz


    • Alpes


    • St-Moritz


    • Alpes


    • Des clients en canot

      Des clients en canot

    • Canot II

      Canot II

    • Randonnée


    • Paddle board!

      Paddle board!

    • En pleine nature

      En pleine nature

    • Le belvedere à 20 minutes

      Le belvedere à 20 minutes

    • Quai


    • Pique-nique!


    • Paddle board!

      Paddle board!

    • Piscine et terrain

      Piscine et terrain

    • Piscine et terrain

      Piscine et terrain

    • Belvedere


    • Beautiful Swiss Architecture

      Beautiful Swiss Architecture

    • The view! This lookout is only 20 minutes hike from our cottages.

      The view! This lookout is only 20 minutes hike from our cottages.

    • Luzern et Zermatt

      Luzern et Zermatt

    • Vue de la Véranda du chalet Luzern

      Vue de la Véranda du chalet Luzern

    • Montreux


    • Davos


    • Genève


    • Les Alpes

      Les Alpes

    • Neuchâtel


    • Zermatt & Luzern

      Zermatt & Luzern

    • Cottage for rent in the Laurentians, Le Neuchatel

      Cottage for rent in the Laurentians, Le Neuchatel

    • Davos


    • Zurich & Genève

      Zurich & Genève

    • Montreux


    • Randonnée Parc Dufresne

      Randonnée Parc Dufresne

    • Notre site sous la neige

      Notre site sous la neige

    • ski de fond Parc Dufresne

      ski de fond Parc Dufresne

    • Lac la sapinière et nos canots

      Lac la sapinière et nos canots

    • piscine!


    • Véranda Luzern

      Véranda Luzern

    • 3


    • 12 person maximum
    • 2 queen size beds, 2 double beds, 2 single beds, 1 sofa bed
    • 3 bedrooms
    • Building dimensions: 900 s.f.
    • 1 bathroom
    • Property dimensions: 2 acres

    10 rustic cottages Sapiniere Lake

    Please go to Villagesuisse.ca for rates, availabilities and information,

    10 cottages for short term rents. 2 units are on the lakefront. 8 are around the heated pool and jacuzzi. For 2 to 12 people. 

    The BEST location in the Laurentians to spend your summer or winter vacation. Just ask our customers who return year after year!

    Our little cottage resort is a family-run property in the heart of the Laurentian village of Val-David. On 2 acres of land, we have 10 vintage swiss chalets, a year-round outdoor hot tub, a small lake, a heated swimming pool (spring to fall) and fresh bread delivered to your door 3 times a week. 

    8 of our chalets are rustic; what we like to call "REAL" cottages. They have wooden walls, stone fireplaces, tiny kitchens built of wood, comfortable beds and loft areas for sleeping the kids. They date back to the 40's, and although we have added modern amenities (flat screen tvs, cable, dvd, wifi, bbq), we have also kept all the little nicks in the original hand-crafted furniture and the rustic feel. In our opinion, it is the perfect little ski/summer cabin. They are warm, clean and cozy.

    BEDS:   it depends the chalet you pick.  All of our chalets have 1 to 4 bedrooms and 0 to 2 mezzanines; 1 to 4 bathrooms, 1 to 2 fireplaces, tv/cable/dvd player, wifi, propane BBQ, picnic table, hammock, balcony or terrasse.


    Now, for those of you who like the idea of our location, yet like to splurge a little more?  We also have 2 modern yet warm and welcoming, large (1200 sqft) 2-bedroom cottages for you to choose from.

    Regardless which chalet you choose the following are INCLUDED FOR FREE with your cottage:

    • access to Parc Dufresne
    • bikes
    • kayaks, paddle boards and canoes
    • fresh bread delivery from the local bakery
    • hot tub access at all times and heated pool in season
    • box of firewood
    • wifi
    • dvd collection, books
    • great discounts on local attractions

      Book at  villagesuisse.ca or at  877-978-4773

    From our quiet location in the centre of the village, you can easily walk (or bike!) for groceries, restaurants, cafés, art galleries, shopping and all other services in town. We are 50 minutes from Montreal. A perfect exploring point for the laurentians.

    It is always our pleasure to welcome you! 

    Near this cottage

    • Body of water: Lac Sapiniere (sur site / onsite)
    • Golf course: Golf Val-Morin (4 km)
    • Ski Hill: Vallée Bleue (2 km)
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    • Centre d'activités nature Kanatha Aki
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    • Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts
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    Farm / agricultural producer

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    Golf course

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    • Parc régional de Val-David-Val-Morin (secteur Far Hills)
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    • Centre Touristique et Éducatif des Laurentides (CTEL) / Parc écotouristique de la MRC des Laurentides
    • Parc régional de la Forêt Ouareau
    • Parc régional de la Rivière-du-Nord
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    • Glissades des Pays d'en Haut
    • Ski la Réserve
    • Ski Montcalm

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    • Expérience Mont Alta
    • Camping Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts - Centre de plein air
    • Plein-Air Sainte-Adèle (PASA)
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    • Centre de plein air Roger-Cabana
    • Réseaux de sentiers de La Montfortaine et des Orphelins
    • Centre d'accès à la nature - UQAM
    • Le Nid de l'aigle et le Mont-Larose
    • Ski Montcalm

    Water park

    • Parc aquatique Sommet Saint-Sauveur
  • PeriodDayWeekend5 day
    7 day

    Septembre 3 2018
    December 20th 2018

    Double occupancy

    +$20 per exrta adult

    Kids and pets stay for free

    235$  470$ 1057,50$  1480 $     

  • The CITQ is mandated by the Minister of Tourism of Quebec to administer the official classification of seven categories of tourist accommodation establishments. This establishment is visited by the CITQ every 24 months.

    The classifier visits the establishment and, using hundreds of strict and objective criteria, rates:

    • The quality of physical facilities (bedroom, bathroom, common areas, outside, etc.);
    • Its appearance;
    • Its cleanliness.

    The classifier also looks at:

    • Services offered;
    • Certain environmental considerations.


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10 rustic cottages Sapiniere Lake

Val-David, Laurentians - Heart of the Laurentians

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