Happy Cottage
46.2978782, -73.548619
Canada, Saint-Damien, Lanaudière - The Foothills
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Happy Cottage

4 person maximum, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom.


A charming small very bright cottage located very close to the Black Lake in St Jean de Matha with a magnificent view of the lake. Only 1h15 drive from Montreal. Ideal for a family of 4. The house is fully equipped from A to Z in addition to a wood fireplace. Easy access to Lac Noir and Ski resort Val st Côme.

All necessary services nearby; grocery store, SAQ, gas station.

Great variety of activities around; Tennis, golf, water body, cycling, cross-country and alpine skiing, skates, slides, snowmobile trail, etc...


-Less than 25 minutes from Val St Côme Ski Resort.

-Snowshoe trail throughout the area.

-Skating rink around the lake.

-Less than 5 minutes away, from Saint-Jean de Matha ski and slide,

-10 minutes from the cut mountain where there is also cross-country ski rental

-Outdoor skating rink circling Black Lake (just in front of cottage)

-Covered municipal rink in St Jean de Matha.

-Snowmobile rental.


-Less than 5 minutes: Golf de Saint-Jean de Matha,

-Small private beach on Black Lake for some residents on the lot in front of the cottage. (Paddle board and water board available.)

-Large veranda with mosquito net and large lot with BBQ. Outdoor fire area.

-Ideal location for hiking, road biking,

Useful addresses:

Alpine Ski Centre

-Tourist resort Val St Côme

Cross-country ski centre

-CVC Lanaudière- Centre de ski de fonf

-Havre Familial- Outdoor Centre

-Ski Montagne Coupé

Winter Slide

-CVBC Lanaudière - Les Supers-Glissades de Saint-Jean-de-Matha


-CVC Lanaudière - Club de golf Saint-Jean-de-Matha

Regional/Municipal Park

-Sept-Chutes Regional Park

-Chute-à-Bull Regional Park

-Parc régional des Chutes-Monte-à-Peine-et-des-Dalles

Trail / Sentier

Brandon Trails

Saint-Côme Municipal Trails

La Grande Boucle Zen'Nature

Chalets Lanaudière

Adventure and Outdoor Tourism Company

-Flying Canoe

-ULM Quebec

-Voltige Skydiving School


-Auberge du vieux moulin

-Nature'Eau spa-chalets

-Le Rituel Health Centre

-Auberge de la montagne Coupée

-Auberge Aux Quatre Matins Health Centre

-Geos Spa Sacacomie

Cabane a Sucre

-Érablière A. Grégoire

-Érablière chez Bruneau

-Alcide Parent Sugar Shack

Visit and company

-The Gingerbread House

-Maurel-Coulombe Duck

-Vignoble Saint-Gabriel

-Ferme Vallée Verte 1912

-Honey from home

-Simon Turcotte Confiturier

-Bonsai Gros-Bec

-Brasserie artisanale Côte à Beausoleil

Agri-Tourism Farm

-Bleuetière G. Beaulieu

-La Courgerie

Festival / Event

-Festival Hors Route de Lanaudière

-St-Côme Ice Festival

-Festival des couleurs de Val Saint-Côme

Equestrian Centre

-Le Ranch-O-Bois Rond


-Grand Portage Gardens

Museum/ historic site

-Maison Louis-Cyr

-Maison du Fléché Bélanger

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2 bedrooms

  • 1 queen size bed
  • 1 double bed
  • 1 single bed
  • 1 sofa bed

Cottage and land


Last updated: More than 6 months ago

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Activities and events in the area

Near this cottage

  • Body of water: devant le chalet (200pi)
  • Golf course: 5 minutes (6 km)
  • Ski Hill: Val St Côme à 25 minutes (29km)

Here are the nearby attractions:

Adventure and outdoor tourist provider

  • Au Canot Volant
  • École de parachutisme Voltige
  • ULM Québec
  • Kinadapt - Corporate and Sport Training Center
  • Les Aventures Liguoriennes


  • Plage municipale Sainte-Émélie-de-l'Énergie
  • Plage municipale de Saint-Gabriel
  • Plage municipale de Sainte-Marcelline-de-Kildare
  • Plage Bosco
  • Plage Maria-Goretti
  • Plage municipale de Rawdon

Casino / racetrack

  • Kinzo Joliette

Cross-country ski centre

  • CVC Lanaudière - Centre de ski fond
  • Havre Familial - Centre plein air
  • Ski Montagne Coupée

Downhill ski centre

  • Station touristique Val Saint-Côme

Farm / agricultural producer

  • Bleuetière G. Beaulieu
  • La Courgerie
  • La Terre des Bisons inc.
  • Ferme Guy Rivest

Festival / special event

  • Festival Hors Route de Lanaudière
  • Festival St-Côme en glace
  • Festival des couleurs de Val Saint-Côme
  • Festival Mémoire et Racines


  • Les Jardins du Grand-Portage

Golf course

  • CVC Lanaudière - Club de golf Saint-Jean-de-Matha
  • Club de golf Joliette
  • Rawdon Golf Resort

Industrial tour

  • La Maison du Pain d'épices
  • Canards Maurel-Coulombe
  • Ferme Vallée Verte 1912
  • Miel de chez nous
  • Vignoble Saint-Gabriel
  • Simon Turcotte confiturier
  • Bonsaï Gros-Bec
  • Les produits la Tradition
  • Fromagerie du champ à la meule
  • Nect'Art de Fleurs
  • Microbrasserie Maltstrom

Museum / historic site

  • Maison Louis-Cyr
  • Maison du Fléché Bélanger
  • Maison et jardins Antoine-Lacombe

Recreation centre

  • Le Grand labyrinthe de Lanaudière
  • Arbraska Rawdon

Regional / municipal park

  • Parc régional des Chutes-Monte-à-Peine-et-des-Dalles
  • Parc régional de la Chute-à-Bull
  • Parc régional des Sept-Chutes
  • Parc Saint-Jean-Bosco

Riding stable

  • Le Ranch-O-Bois Rond


  • Goûtez Lanaudière! Agritourism Tours

Skating rink

  • Skating path on Rawdon lake


  • La Montagne Coupée Resort and Country Inn
  • Centre de Santé Le Rituel
  • Auberge du Vieux Moulin
  • Natur'Eau - Spa and chalets
  • Health and Spa centre of Auberge Aux Quatre Matins
  • La Source Bains Nordiques

Sugar shack

  • Érablière A. Grégoire
  • Érablière chez Bruneau
  • Cabane à sucre Alcide Parent
  • Érablière Jean Parent

Tobogganing / winter sliding

  • CVC Lanaudière - Les Super-Glissades de Saint-Jean-de-Matha


  • Les Sentiers Brandon
  • Sentiers municipaux de Saint-Côme
  • Chalets Lanaudière
  • La Tournée des cantons de Rawdon

Wildlife reserve

  • Réserve faunique Mastigouche
More info

Rates and regulations

Accepted payment methods: Cash, Interac e-transfer

Rental type: Long term (32 days and over)

Minimum Maximum
Month (32 days and over) $2,000 $2,500
Scroll horizontally to see every prices

Taxes for the published rates: Without taxes

Monthly and seasonal rental 7500$:

A deposit of $500 guarantee that will be signed on a contract of agreement, for any breakage connected to the furniture, wall, door and window, heating exessif , household appliances that will be delivered at the end of the rental if everything is in good condition.

A deposit of 25% to the agreement of the rental(1250,00$). The balance may be paid in full at the beginning of the lease or in part at the date determined by the landlord and the tenant.

If cancellation 30 days before location date, 50% on the deposit (625,00$)will be retained from the deposit for the inconvenience.

Payable in cash or interac transfer.

Rental by the week or mounth in summer: avalable on asking

A deposit of 30% to the rental agreement and the balance payable on the first day of the rental.

if cancellation before 20 days from the rental date 15% will be retained on the deposit for the inconvenience fee.


Happy Cottage

Saint-Damien, Lanaudière - The Foothills

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