Conservatoty Country house
46.1967443, -73.68437030000001
Canada, Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Lanaudière - The Foothills J0K 1W0
    • Spa and indoor garden at top

      Spa and indoor garden at top

    • Accueil intime de la véranda

      Accueil intime de la véranda

    • Access to the greenhouse

      Access to the greenhouse

    • Sous la neige de janvier

      Sous la neige de janvier

    • Diner room

      Diner room

    • Central cupboard and stairs

      Central cupboard and stairs

    • North-eastern corner

      North-eastern corner

    • Rest area with long lasting flowering plants

      Rest area with long lasting flowering plants

    • Bed room

      Bed room

    • Spa dans la serre

      Spa dans la serre

    • Bathroom


    • Winter scene in the greenhouse

      Winter scene in the greenhouse

    • Moisaic shower

      Moisaic shower

    • Nature observation

      Nature observation

    • Nice weather and plants

      Nice weather and plants

    • Wild beach

      Wild beach

    • Outdoor relaxation

      Outdoor relaxation

    • Creative activities

      Creative activities

    • Plaisirs de la cuisine

      Plaisirs de la cuisine

    • Découvertes naturalistes et horticoles

      Découvertes naturalistes et horticoles

    • Under the grape vine

      Under the grape vine

    • On the lake

      On the lake

    • Vélo sur l'eau

      Vélo sur l'eau

    • West side

      West side

    • Pleasures of the greenhouse

      Pleasures of the greenhouse

    • Retour des planches à pagaie

      Retour des planches à pagaie

    • Quai de la plage sauvage

      Quai de la plage sauvage

    • Exterior life under a giant umbrella protection

      Exterior life under a giant umbrella protection

    • South face, blooming apple tree

      South face, blooming apple tree

    • Shaded patio,

      Shaded patio,

    • Row boat and swimming at the lake

      Row boat and swimming at the lake

    • Down to the garden

      Down to the garden

    • Between the apple tree and the colored pear tree

      Between the apple tree and the colored pear tree

    • Beau temps et verdure

      Beau temps et verdure

    • Sous la vigne

      Sous la vigne

    • Façade ouest

      Façade ouest

    • Outdoor dining on patio

      Outdoor dining on patio

    • Witch Hazel, reflects on the kitchen windows

      Witch Hazel, reflects on the kitchen windows

    • Spa dans la serre

      Spa dans la serre


    • 4 person maximum
    • 1 queen size bed, 1 single bed, 1 sofa bed
    • 1 bedroom
    • Building dimensions: 25 ft x 28 ft and more space in verandas
    • 2 bathrooms
    • Property dimensions: 75,000 sq ft with fantaisist repartition around the house

    Conservatoty Country house

    Experience unique home construction and releive your stress in a unique landscape. Integrating a bright comfortable country house with a mix of garden and nature, old paths of traditional vacation rendez-vous, lake, hills and forest.

    The Conservatory-country house is a very special ecological concept where ancient charm combines with a revolutionary view of heat capture from the sun, air circulation, and outdoor living... It is very useful to know about this exceptional construction. It includes a nice greenhouse as  green roof... a lot of artcraft works, mosaics, water gardens... and a concept of comfort encircled by horticulture.

    You'll enjoy especialy the mature rhododendron garden, creating the illusion of wild vegetation integrated with the construction. The yard features many artefacts from Vessot cast iron fabric integrated with other local materials: recuperated woods, ceramics, pieces of history... After your stay, you will take home with you the idea that anything is possible when time and seasons are managed wih care...

    The lake is next to the driveway, with two nice beaches; one very private and wild with a nice wooden row boat, and the other sandy, very long, occupying a bay on the sunnyer side of the lake - perfect for families to spend time playing, swiming, making sand castles, and enjoying the sun.

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    Near this cottage

    • Body of water: Lac Pierre (95 pi)
    • Golf course: Sainte-Béatrix (7 km)
    • Ski Hill: Val Saint-Côme (17 km)
  • With the special construction and landscape of the Conservatory-Country house, you'll feel outside when you are home. All the comfort and intimacy of a well designed little universe and all the charms of a well taken care of wildness. The cast iron stove, the nice conservatory plants and the finely assembled artcrafts and artefacts keep the place warm and pleasant. It is a trip in itself without any effort of transportation.

    • All seasons benefit from the greenhouse utilised as a roof, as a garden, and as a solar captor for heat recuperation and life. The ambience of the home is ventilated and pure, such as the wood, minerals and masonry materials used in this ecological construction.
    • The forest, lake and little roads of this old and tradfitional vacation environment offer you hours and hours of discovery... Find beautiful lanscapes, botanical curiosities, and diverse human residences. Relax and find new spontaneous energy. Enjoy this fascinating region where water is everpresent. The two beaches close to the country house are exceptional with a sandy bottom, clear water, and a sunny quiet place.
    • The sports are all of kinds of nature activities. There are each week numerous possibilities of cultural events: visit of artcrafts work sites, concerts, gastronomy, art galleries and museums...

    Cross country skiing and trekking. Skating on the lake (long trail). Hot tub.

    Skiing and cross-country (St-Côme, Montagne coupée...). Skating on l'Assomption river.Trad music bistros. Joliette art museum.

    Generous rhododendron and erica garden. Trips on the lake. Spring in advance in the conservatory with herbs ans strawberrys...Books and videos, artcrafts and antiques.

    Monte à Peine et Dalles falls, Dorwin fall, art shows. Farm visits. Forest exploration.

    Fishing. Row boat and swimming. Hot tub.

    Lively events of traditionnal, popular and classical music. Fine products and preparations.

    Trekking and mountain bike paths. Numerous nice spots for panoramic views on colorfull fall landscapes. Spa.

    Artistic shows. Artcraft, bonsaï and other specialty boutiques. Farm visits.

  • PeriodWeekend7 day
    november to June (exception of ferial periods) $500 $700 -
    ne first to November first and ferial periods $600 $900  -
    Long period occupation could be offered with special rates and conditions     

    • Half payment is required by cheque on reservation, with the rest given on arrival.
    • You are asked to leave the house in the same state as you found it when you arrived.
    • Using hot tub and the greenhouse require special instructions.
    • If not previously discussed and charged 50.00 extra, you are expected to bring your own bedding (double and single), towels and table cloths.
    • You take possesion at 19h on friday and leave 11h on the following friday for a weekly rental.
    • If you have the weekend only the hour you leave will be discussed with you on reservation.
  • The CITQ is mandated by the Minister of Tourism of Quebec to administer the official classification of seven categories of tourist accommodation establishments. This establishment is visited by the CITQ every 24 months.

    The classifier visits the establishment and, using hundreds of strict and objective criteria, rates:

    • The quality of physical facilities (bedroom, bathroom, common areas, outside, etc.);
    • Its appearance;
    • Its cleanliness.

    The classifier also looks at:

    • Services offered;
    • Certain environmental considerations.


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Conservatoty Country house

Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, Lanaudière - The Foothills

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