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Canada, Frontenac, Eastern Townships - Mégantic
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10 person maximum, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.



dancing lights

stir up the twilight

fireflies or wisps?

A chalet with Scandinavian accents. In ancient Nordic mythology, we find luminous beings, spirits of the air who guide humans to different aspects of good: they are called the alves. They are said to be more beautiful than the sun, brighter than the stars. L'Àlfheim designates their home.

This chalet represents finesse, the right balance and harmony with nature. Delicately placed on the shores of the lake, it inspires a soft and zen atmosphere by the purity of its layout. On its walls, the canvases of a local artist, Wynne Parkin, add a few touches of color to this serene and refined decor.

Friendly, it will accommodate up to 10 people comfortably for meetings between relatives.

Located in an intimate and natural environment, the Álfheim offers an ideal setting to watch the glow of the sun lose itself in the waves at the end of an invigorating day.

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3 bedrooms

  • 1 king size bed
  • 1 queen size bed
  • 2 single beds
  • 3 sofa beds

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Last updated: September 25, 2021

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Rates and regulations

Accepted payment methods: Visa, Master Card

Rental type: Short stay

Minimum Maximum
2 nights $1,150 $1,150
3 nights $1,553 $1,725
4 nights $2,300 $2,300
5 nights $2,875 $2,875
6 nights $3,450 $3,450
7 nights $3,421 $4,025

Taxes for the published rates: Without taxes

Prices are subject to change without notice, they do not include taxes and occupancy taxes.

A deposit of 35% of the amount will be required to make the reservation by credit card. The rest of the payment will be taken from this same credit card 1 month before your arrival.



Frontenac, Eastern Townships - Mégantic

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