Maisonnette Champêtre
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Canada, Pohénégamook, Bas-Saint-Laurent
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Maisonnette Champêtre

2 person maximum, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom.


Compact units with a rustic look - intimate and warm - with access to the lake (Pohénégamook - Bas-Saint-Laurent).

In contiguity with the nautical air of the lake, these open concept units can accommodate 2 adults (or 2 adults and 2 young children in some selected maisonettes, # 6 and 7).


Fully furnished, equipped and decorated, these units offer a rustic interior finish with pine planks, faux wood and ceramic floors, appliances and air conditioning. Non-wired wall-mounted TV (Roku available - connect your smart phone or Apple TV). Free WiFi and throughout the territory of the maisonettes (without password). Beautiful adjoining modern and rustic bathroom. Intimate outdoor area (rustic wood fire with barbecue grill + picnic table), view towards the lake. Access to the beach (nautical area) for occupants of the rented unit. (activities / boats not included and subject to availability depending on the time of year and operation).


Pet owners are welcome in the Country Houses (exclusive location). They must however vouch for the previously established conditions, and Toutou must also observe them, both inside and outside the units. A question of common sense and respect.


Pets (dogs / cats) 25 pounds or less.
Deposit $ 50 (refundable) - fees up to $ 300 (non-refundable) if conditions of the agreement are not respected.
Additional charge for the pet's stay ($ 25 for the 1st day and $ 10 / day / pet thereafter + taxes).

Policies to follow:

Dogs must be kept on a leash on site at all times.
If you must leave your pet alone in the accommodation, it must be caged so that staff (if necessary in an emergency) can move around freely, without risk.
As the owner of the animal, you are financially responsible for the damage caused by it. Beds and sofas must not be used by your animal at any time.
A charge of $ 25 + taxes will apply for each piece of bedding and coverings that will require specific cleaning.
Clean behind your animal, leaving no trace of its passage, neither inside nor around the accommodation unit.
You must, at all times, limit your dog's barking so as not to upset customers.
The management reserves the right to revoke the right of residence for your pet if one or more of the above-mentioned policies are not respected.

1. Maximum of 2 animals per unit (2 dogs, 1 dog and 1 cat, or 2 cats).
2. Maximum: 25 pounds or less (pet or total animals present).
3. Up-to-date proof of vaccination may be requested.
4. Do not wash your pet inside the unit.
5. Even if your pet usually shares your bed, this practice is prohibited in our units.

We count on your close collaboration to control noises, barking, aggressiveness, respect for the elements of the unit including the furniture.

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1 bedroom

  • 1 double bed

Cottage and land

  • Animals allowed with restrictions


Last updated: April 2, 2021

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Activities and events in the area

Near this cottage

Located 2 hours east of the Québec bridges, in the direction of Rivière-du-Loup, this wild valley in which the waters of a splendid lake shimmer, Pohénégamook is the ideal place for the practice of a multitude of 'outdoor and relaxation activities.

A generous nature crisscrossed with hiking trails, countless water and land activities. Striking reliefs and a bewitching forest permeate the contrasting decorations transformed by the magic of the colors of our four seasons.

Whether you prefer water, the mountains or the forest, whether you are active or contemplative, the immensity of the spaces and the extraordinary beauty of the site will seduce you. A municipal beach (among the most beautiful in Quebec) nearby (car), and an activity center - mainly nautical - on the mountainside - is available to customers on request ($) and according to seasonal availability and operating. A myriad of activities, including skiing or snowshoeing, snowmobiling (in winter) through a ravage of deer, sailing and various non-motorized boats in summer and practicing many other sports and leisure activities.

Activities that breathe health!

A variety of individual or group activities are offered to you by different seasonal partners, depending on the trends and events, on site or at the municipal beach. Rent a sailboat or kayak and set off on an adventure discovering the scenery, or moor your own watercraft at a marina ($). Do you just want to pick up the phone? Take advantage of a nautical area (service offered on a sub-contract basis). In winter, rub shoulders with an impressive ravage where more than five hundred deer come to feed each year.

Multiple services

Some buildings directly on the site are available for meetings and personal or professional meetings. Business meetings, seminars, exhibitions, reunions with family or friends, etc. The outdoor sites offer a spectacular view of the lake, breathtaking sunsets and the mountain. Your guests
want to stay near your residence? Some hostels offer the "day" or "weekend" service.

To find out more about all the nearby services, click on the accommodation links. You will be able to book online and - beforehand - obtain details, inclusions, items to take away (small list of supplies) so as to have no ambiguity or worry during your stay.

Richard's Condotels and tourist rental is not responsible for the holding or not of activities and the stay is not dependent on availability.

All the attached photos are real and were taken at the resort, at the nautical area or at the municipal beach (not far). We make them available to you for representation. All inclusions (equipment) in the condo unit are certified.

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Rates and regulations

Accepted payment methods: Interac e-transfer, Visa, Master Card

Rental type: Short stay

Rental via - reservations online or by phone with the MonsieurChalets team. Loc. minimum of 6 nights in high season (Summer, Holidays, School breaks). Option of shorter stays outside the high season but under certain conditions ...

Maisonnette Champêtre

Pohénégamook, Bas-Saint-Laurent

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